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Discover The 5 dimensions of your quantic brand

Align the energies of the company with your objectives in a high vibrational place.

  • For those who believe in quantum physics, this seminar is a true discovery that results in aligning the energies of the company with your goals in a high vibrational place.
  • Step out of your comfort zone with an innovative approach that allows the group to identify their limiting beliefs and allows structural changes.
  • Collective work on intuition, abundance, alignment with objectives, let yourself be surprised by the energy force.

Workshop's objectives

You will leave with a roadmap + an experience that will also re-energise you as an individual

Practical information


2 days


à convenir

Travel included for French-speaking Switzerland


5'900.- CHF

Max. 5 persons


  • Training preparation
  • 2 days training
  • Report delivery

Workshop taught by:

Carole Da Silva


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