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How to build a brand from scratch?

The value of a company is nowadays calculated primarily on the intangible values that are the Brand and the Data.

How to build a unique and distinctive brand that is properly positioned and protected, the right data strategy and integrate the new growth levers of the digital ecosystem and the sustainable economy?

Seminar objectives

The journey we propose will give you the overall process to build a brand with universal meaning beyond what you do, produce and sell.

Practical information


1 day


in our office

Place de la Gare 11 – Coppet


3'936.- CHF

Maximum 3 persons


  • Preparation of the training
  • 1 day of training
  • Delivery of a summary document

Who is the seminar for?


  • you are trying to define your brand
  • you want to clarify your value proposition
  • you want to define a sector of activity

Course taught by:

Chantal Baer

Specialists in brand and transformational digital growth, experts in sustainable management.

Pre-enrollment request

Submit your pre-enrollment request so that we can start defining your tailor-made training !