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Discover the basics of eco-branding

A new approach to design that meets sustainable, high-performance criteria.

Your visual brand can also be a player in the circular economy.

  • Context & global vision of sustainable marketing
  • Design: the technical basics of eco-branding - Typography, Colorimetry,
  • Design lines & style
  • Websites & Digital Ecology

Whether in terms of packaging, colors, typography or the number of pages of corporate documents

Workshop's objective

We offer a half-day workshop to learn and understand the criteria for eco-branding.

Practical information


1/2 day


dans nos locaux

Travel included for French-speaking Switzerland


1'960.- CHF

Max. 3 persons


  • Training preparation
  • 4 h training
  • Summary document delivery

Who is the workshop for?


  • You would like to discover a new approach of design and branding
  • You want to understand Eco-Branding as a part of sustainable management eco-system

Cours dispensé par:

Marine Gruaz-Rébuffat

Brand and branding specialists & sustainable management experts.

Pre-enrollment request

Submit your pre-enrollment request so that we can start defining your tailor-made training !