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21st Century Global Performance Workshop

The global performance of the 21st century company is based on 3 concomitant pillars:
1. The brand and data integrating the articulation of new growth levers in a market-to-industry perspective How to do better than your competitors, generate turnover beyond your products/services → make your star shine on the web?
2. Digital performance as a communication/sales tool but also as a task automation tool Your digital investments are not living up to your expectations - what are the pitfalls to avoid and how can you make digital performance?
3. The added value of sustainable management and the circular economy How to turn the growing pressures of sustainability into long-term business performance?

Practical information


2 Days


At your office

(Travel included for French-speaking Switzerland)


5'900.- CHF

Max. 5 persons


  • Training preparation 
  • 2 days of training
  • Report submission 

Who is the course for?

  • you are trying to define your brand
  • you want to clarify your value proposition
  • you want to define a sector of activity

Cours dispensé par:

Chantal Baer and Marine Gruaz-Rébuffat

Specialists in brand and transformational digital growth, experts in sustainable management.

Pre-enrollment request

Submit your pre-enrollment request so that we can start defining your tailor-made training !