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Seminar 3000 - internationalising your brand from the roof of Europe

Unleash your growth with new experiences

You will leave with your action plan for the globalisation of your company/brand

  • Internationalising your brand means implementing an "international brand management" strategy by working on all aspects of your glocalisation, i.e. the elements of what is global and the elements of what is local in terms of your brand and your business.
  • Internationalising your brand positioning and story telling
  • Defining digital and / or physical internationalisation
  • Growth levers to accelerate globalisation

Practical information


2 days




7'890.- CHF

Training only
Option: Organisation of the stay by us (budget to be defined)


  • Training preparation
  • 2 days training
  • Summary delivery

Who is that workshop for ?

  • You want to go international with your business

Workshop taught by:

Chantal Baer

Specialists in brand and transformational digital growth, experts in sustainable management.

Pre-enrollment request

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