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03 Jun 2022 4 min read

Naming: how to create a brand name


Naming: how to create a brand name




The 3 criteria for a valid brand name
10 criteria for a great brand name
Getting inspiration from different types of brand names


The 3 criteria for a valid brand name


It has no thoughts, feelings or emotions without words, the image will arise from a word and express its particularity, its singularity.

The brand name is neither a definition, nor a description, nor even a characteristic. The brand name is supposed to express the essence of your business. The power of the name conveys a distinctive, unique and appealing identity. In the digital age, it is your primary relationship with your audience. It is also one of the best ways to protect your concept, your idea, your product, ...... if you register your brand name .... on a trademark register!

The brand name is neither an explanation nor a description of your business:

  • by definition if you produce or sell apple juice your brand cannot be "apple juice"
  • however, if you produce or sell computers, your brand may be Apple


1. Marketing

The brand name is part of an environmental and competitive context. Position your product or company brand, activity, target, customer benefits, personality, without forgetting to analyse your competition and your competitors' brands. This is a matter of working on the points of difference.



2. Linguistic & semantic

What are the countries, languages spoken in the target markets? Make sure your name is pronounceable and memorable, and that it does not contain any unwanted evocations. The German product ULTRACON , the latest technology will hardly appeal to a French-speaking target.



3. Legal

More than 10,000 brand names are registered every day throughout the world, so make sure that the name you register is free of rights - a brand name is registered with the trademark register (OFPI for Switzerland) by market (geographical territory) in Switzerland/ Europe/ internationally by product class.


IMPORTANT: the website of the Swiss Intellectual Property Office is very good, you will find all the information you need.


10 criteria for a great brand name



Does the name resonate in your imagination: Nivea, the whiteness of the cream embodied in the Latin origin of the word snow.




Is it well differentiated in your competitive universe: Apple without any possible confusion in the IT universe.



3.Suitability for brand values

Does the name express the essence of your brand: Nesquick, Facebook, Vigiswiss, Orange, Perfecto



4.Accessibility & memorability

Is the name easily pronounceable: Wjcon, Eeonian, Napapijri, Hoegaarden, Koenigsegg




Will it be able to transcend fashion and remain timeless: PD2000, ...




Éviter les longueurs : Banque Lombard Odier Darier & Hentch - PriceWaterHouseCooper, Getaz-Romang



7.Euphony, sonority & musicality

Does the name have a nice musicality, a good rhythm: ABBA / Amavita → Koenigsegg, Gruezishop




Does the name not contain any negative connotations: PIPI lemonade, Looser AG financial company



9. Coherence

Is the name consistent with its environment? For a brand of refrigerant - Caloris



10.Legally protectable

Is it free in the trademark registers in the relevant markets and product classes - can you register it? Loréade, Lespressio, Omego, Rolux → forget it!


Les différents types de noms de marque

Patronymic or pseudonym : Camille Bloch, Betty Bossi

Geographic name : Gruyère, Longines

Common name : Hublot, Puma, Freitag

Arbitrary or fanciful name: Denner, Milka,

Onomatopoeia : Scratch, Crunch

Short sentence : La vache qui rit

Quote : Europ Assistance

Group of words : Romande Energie

Juxtaposition : Colgate, Palmolive

Number : Chanel No 5, Peugeot 206 TSR

Abbreviation : FNAC, TPG, HEC

Palindromes : NOOMOON, ABBA

Creations with 2 words : Amavita, Vigiswiss, BeApi

Digital Era  : Google, Yahoo, Jiiva, ixxo

Built on other languages : Kijiji


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