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Chantal Baer 21 Sep 2022 3 min read

Why strategy consulting?


Why strategy consulting?


The aim of strategy is to achieve defined objectives set by a set of coordinated actions. If company's objectives are more or less the same, the means of achieving them have changed a lot. The growth levers of the digital economy are different and more complex because they require transversal expertise.

As many entrepreneurs have experienced, entering the digital economy is not just about putting your business on a website. To develop one's business, it is necessary to transform the organization so that it can deploy its full potential in the digital world. It is the digital transformation and not just the transposition of traditional business on the digital vector.


Stratégie de marque et Business

Digital transformation starts with the brand as a key business resource. Starting from a brand perspective means rethinking the whole quintessence of a business in terms of its universe of meaning, marketing openness and market development.
Your customers are not interested in what you are selling but why you are selling it, what need you are meeting and incidentally what commitments you are making to humanity. It is no longer about the promise of the brand's values but about the sustainable commitments made and monitored.
From the brand positioning and its mission will come the segments of your activity, that is to say the change of polarity that transforms the traditional product catalogue into precise answers to the needs of each segment. This is a central point that often opens up new market perspectives and allows you to work on the impact of your communication/sales in a precise and measured way.


The drivers of brand & business growth

Based on a properly positioned brand, the possibilities for growth are infinite. Whether it be geographical expansion through franchising, diversification through brand licensing, an increase in awareness through co-branding and all the drivers of the collaborative economy.


A prerequisite

Your trademark is your identity and also the protection of your business, provided that your trademark is duly registered in a trademark register - the trade register does not guarantee exclusive use of a trademark in a given territory or in a given activity. Dematerialization is also the reign of intellectual property.



If brand and data are the intangible assets of your company/organization, it is because brand is the unique and differentiated prior identity of your business and data is the collective information that links all operations. There is no digital performance without a data-driven organization


The three pillars of digital transformation

Thus, the sustainability of the 21st century company is now based on three pillars of transformation to be integrated together. Prosperity is now built on the Brand and Data, boosted by the performance of the digital ecosystem and the integration of sustainable development.

A strategic consultancy meets the objectives set by operating as a conductor who masters the global vision and knows how to put all the expertise to music, but also works as a complexity reducer by integrating the 3 pillars of digital transformation into a single process for global performance.



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