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03 Jun 2022 4 min read

The 5 advantages of a naming an agency

  1. With over 10,000 brand names registered every day worldwide, developing a brand name requires a methodology that goes beyond providing a list of names or brainstorming
  2. The main advantage of working with a professional agency is that you get a choice of possible names that are free of rights, i.e. that you can register on a trademark register*** and that gives you exclusive use of your word mark in the desired product classes and markets.
  3. A professional agency therefore incorporates a legal process into its methodology (see slide 3)
  4. A professional agency will also check the linguistic and semantic validity of your brand name in the desired languages and markets - i.e. that your brand name does not have undesirable connotations in the languages covering the desired territories.
  5. A naming agency integrates the necessary expertise for the 4 criteria of brand validity: marketing, linguistic, semantic and legal

Trademark registers


5 pitfalls to avoid

  1. If the agency does not include identical legal checks and a minimum of linguistic and semantic checks, they are not professionals and you are wasting your time and, more importantly, your money.
  2. Make sure the agency is professional with creative people from a language/languages background and not graphic designers working on names.
  3. For an international brand, make sure the agency has a sufficient pool of naming creatives - you need a minimum of 500 possible names to get around the legal hurdle - at the end of the legal process only 10% will be registerable
  4. Naming requires cross-functional expertise in marketing, linguistics/languages and IP/trade mark law; this justifies the high cost of a brand name development
  5. The naming process requires criteria defined in a concept board upstream of the creative process so that the selection of names is not limited to a "like/dislike" of each individual but to the alignment of a team around a common ambition.

The brand development process

  1. Concept board + Création internationale, 600 / 800 variations de noms
  2. Première sélection au sein d'Admarka, Première présentation à JTI - 60 noms, Première sélection avec le client
  3. Deuxième création - recentrage de la création, vérification juridique à l'identique, deuxième présentation et sélection avec le client.
  4. Sélection finale de 3-5 noms, Contrôle juridique complet, Contrôles linguistiques et sémantiques
  5. Enregistrement du nom, Argumentation du nom, Conception du nom


Get a quote in naming agency

To draw up an accurate quote, the naming agency needs the following information:

  • Description of the activity concerned or the product classes concerned
  • Communication on the markets targeted by the trademark registration - either national (Switzerland), European, International
  • Clarification of the purpose of the brand name development - i.e. brand for a product/service, brand for a company "corporate brand

Indeed, the pool of candidate names is much larger for an international trademark than for a national trademark, it is a question of legal obstacles of already registered names. This process becomes even more complicated if the brand name is to represent a company name which will also be registered in the trade register of the countries/markets concerned.


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