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03 Jun 2022 3 min read

The brand as a growth tool for the digital economy


Lego's story > B2B

Business development in polarity → industry to market

1916: Lego is founded in Denmark

70-80: Plastic and coloured bricks

  • Launch of Duplo
  • Collaboration with MIT
  • 80% of the building set market is Lego.


80-90: societal change

  • New business potentials outside their core business.
  • Diversification «as Disney»
  • Creation of Legoland
  • Development
  • Development of video games, TV programme, clothing line, books, watches, etc.


1998: 1st year in which Lego is in deficit

Too much investment and inability to manage so many non-core activities


Lego uses its Brand as a cornerstone of its strategy
  • Making the brand profitable through licensing fees
  • Acquisition of new targets through shared awareness
  • Outsource everything that is not its "core business"
  • Developing co-creative innovations
  • Develop its distribution in new sales territories


Lego has overtaken Ferrari at the top of Brand Finance's ranking of the world's most powerful brands (March 2015).

  • The brand and its values → your strategic tool for rethinking your entire business and developing innovations and new sales territories.
  • Starting from this single point of view, you leave room for zero limits to rethink your business.
  • There is no production, regulation, feasibility or profitability at this stage.
  • There is only one mission and values around the historical know-how


Yes, but it's Lego..... and for smaller structures?


And for those who are not Lego

It is the same principle, the construction of an ecosystem around a know-how embodied by a brand positioning.

A brand and the potential of its ecosystem

First example: My favourite restaurant: the Thai culture specialist
  • I eat there regularly
  • I regularly buy takeaway food there
  • The restaurant organised a party for me at home
  • I bought some beautiful lamps for my decoration
  • He recommended a wonderful trip to Thailand (purchased from a partner agency)
  • I get a massage from her sister
  • I took a course there to learn how to cook vegetables with flavour

Second example

For years this company has come to read my electricity meter, I know them well, I trust them - now :

  • She sold me and manages my security / alarm system
  • She installed the automatic watering system in my garden
  • Blinds in the house
  • Pool safety
  • Automatic opening of the garage door
  • So not all the electrical technicians in this company have lost their jobs as a result of the digitalisation of the meters!


Improve margins - increase your CA

Whatever your business, production is not your business, it is just a tool of your business.

Your company is your brand


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